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Welcome Aboard

Welcome aboard/ 1st Week To Do List

Welcome Aboard
Here are some tips and info about us to help you learn more about all that we do. Please read when you have a moment as new members always told us it helped them learn more about us when they got started and we offer more than just Bootcamp ������.

Thanks for joining us and I’ll add you to our WhatsApp update team chat room where we notify you of any last minute changes, and any tips related to health and fitness. 

We will also welcome you to our New Fast Start 30 Day Tips/Q&A room where all of our main coaching and training staff are standing by to motivate you in your 1st 30 days and provide tips to help you stay consistent and ultimately reach your personal fitness & health goals. We will also be able to help answer any questions that you may have until your 30th day graduation (of course after 30 days we will still be there for you but you can then ask any questions you may have in our main chat room or to any of us directly). Our Fast Start room will also give our trainers and run coaches a chance to get to know you. 

Please know that several other new members may already be in the room so feel free to chat with them or ask any questions for advice. As you progress each day & week we ask that you in turn share any positive advice to newer members that were likely in the same boat that you were in only days or weeks earlier. FYI, we are very big on motivating and encouraging one another in this program so we hope you join in on the motivation as we are all in this together. After your 30th day you will be removed from this room and recognized in the main room amongst your peers for successfully completing your 1st month with us. You can do this. ������

I’ll also send you a summary of things to do in your first week list after this message. 

- Firstly your membership includes unlimited Bootcamp sessions at any of our 3 locations morning, afternoon, or evening Monday - Saturday. 

- Anytime you are exercising on your own or eating something healthy please feel free to snap a pic or video and share it with us as it helps subconsciously motivate us all to live a healthier and more fit lifestyle. 

- The chat room is to be used specifically for health and fitness related activities so we ask all to refrain from having lengthy 1 on 1 conversations on it to avoid distracting others during work/school/late night/super early am, etc. Should you wish to communicate with someone please do so in a private 1-1 room.

A couple tips:
1. If you don’t want any of our pics or videos to be automatically uploaded to your phones camera roll for space issues simply click on our chat room and select “no” where it says upload to camera. We typically upload these photos and videos following each session and we love it when you share your pics or video to your personal social media pages and tag us (OperationTTT on IG & Operation Triple T, LLC on Facebook). Also by liking our Operation Triple T page allows us to better tag you after every session, so please like us now:

2. Also so as not to be disturbed by posts during the day you are welcome to mute all notifications and simply check in when you are available but once again we try to keep excessive chatter to a minimum and limit the discussions to health & Fitness as a courtesy to all and to help you become more healthy and stay active, so if you don’t have to mute it and catch all the good info or to cheer a teammate on then that’s great to. They’re are a few times when members are extra happy and a brief spike in member messages but again it quickly calms down so not to panic.

However should you mute the notifications, the Coaches and I do post updates & lots of recognition from time to time so periodically we ask that you check in especially before each session to ensure you don’t miss a makeup session, event, weather issues, or change of meeting areas, etc. 

Once again welcome aboard and before your next session we’ll do your measurements and body fat % & BMI. Please remind myself or other Coach present before your session as this measurement should be done before you start working out or warming up. 

Also please take a self photo of yourself (front, side, back)and in 1-3 months we’ll take another photo and see how far you’ve come. Most members do not do this and months later wish they did so no matter how good or bad you feel presently, please take the pics and keep it for safe keeping to review in a few months to see your progress first hand. 

From my experience with 100's of members, by simply attending all 3 sessions each week and Active/rest days preferably a part of our Run/Walk Club you’ll see a noticeable difference in how you feel, look, and how your clothes fit. Continue to come and things get better and better with time. The key is consistency. Too many first time members stop short of their 3 month transformation and we highly encourage you to stick it out as we all know Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your transformation but it will happen with your time, effort, and most importantly consistency. 

If you are unsure of your diet I highly recommend downloading the free app myfitnesspal and log both your food intake and exercise daily and you’ll eventually learn to weed out the foods that are known to not be the best at helping you reach your daily goal. It’s proven that those that log their day to day are 3 times as likely to reach their goals in a timely manner vs those that do not. I’ve seen it happen myself and I’ve used the app for years until I was able to properly gauge my weekly routines. Give it a try before attempting more expensive food prep and dieting gimmicks that are too difficult or pricey to maintain. Add me as a friend as well and I’ll help you along the way thanks.

- We also will be adding you to our Nutrution Chat room which is led by a partnership with a Registered Dietician Nutrition Expert, Julie Rothenberg as she has tons of work experience and helping clients of all types. She will be providing weekly tips and discussions based on popular member questions and concerns. However, should you wish to have a more 1-1 help she offers her services at a discount based on you being a member of Operation Triple T. She will provide you an intro of all the services that she offers once I add you to her room. 

- Uniform shirts. While uniforms are not mandatory you can visit our online store at and order as many shirts items in our store as you like. We do many team events throughout the year ie. 5K’s, races, OCR’s (Obstacle Course Races), Marathons, etc, and having a shirt readily available is great. Red shirts are for those members less than 1 year and black shirts are for members that have been with us 1 year or more.

- Try not to bring anything valuable to Bootcamp or leave it in your car. If you come straight from work/school make sure you store valuables in trunk or out of plain sight before arrival to prevent theft.

- Always bring sufficient water

- Always bring a mat to Bootcamp as we frequently do abs core work and we try to keep you off the ground/grass/dirt. 

Please follow us on Instagram "OperationTTT" and like our Facebook page "Operation Triple T, LLC" as we post most often there and feel free to add me as a friend as well if you wish (IanCummings20 on IG & Ian Scott Cummings on Facebook).

- As a way to say thanks to our members while building stronger team bonds within our members and coaches, we host quarterly events including sporting events, family fun days, happy hours, and the like. 

In addition to our amazing Fitness Bootcamp program we have several other internal programs & chat rooms dedicated to additional fitness and health programs: should you be interested in one or more of them please let me know and we’ll get you added to that chat room which is led by one of our experienced Trainers, Coaches, & Nutritionist.

TTT BOOTCAMP CREW - all Bootcamp members are automatically added to this room

TROPICAL TTT RUN CLUB (led by Coach Ian Cummings)
DEERWOOD TTT RUN CLUB (led by Coach Cristina Gonzalez-Canales)
Virtual Run Club (led by Coach Cristi Stalcup)

Run Club Chat Rooms:
- looking to have better cardiovascular endurance and help to shed some belly fat or additional pounds then we ask that you join this room as joining both Bootcamp & Run Club have been shown to produce faster results versus just doing one or the other. It’s a go at your own pace and distance and yes not to worry if your not a runner yet as we have plans for walkers or what we call “soon to be runners” too ������‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♀️��‍♀️. 

- Each of the Run Clubs are heavily involved with many weekend 5K’s, 10K’s, Charity event runs, Ragnar, & marathons but it’s completely voluntary. If interested in the upcoming event runs please download our event calendar app “Band” and you’ll be notified of all upcoming events and new ones that we add. Our run clubs are tons of fun trust me. Click the link below and add yourself to our events calendar here:

Hey, join our 'operation ttt events' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!

TTT Morning Bootcamp Express - For members that live in and around the Deerwood area that are able and wish to attend our 30 Minute morning Express sessions happening every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday with 5 back to back 30 minute sessions. Must RSVP before attending 6:30am, 7:00am, 7:30am, 8:00am, 8:30am. These sessions pack a mean punch. Led by Bootcamp Coach Jose Canosa 

TTT EXTREME GYM TEAM- For members that love and attend our Bootcamp sessions a minimum of 3 times a week but still like to get an additional gym pump at least 2 or more times a week and learn new ways and exercises you can do and how they can help your overall physique. Must have access to gym or personal weight room environment. Led by Coach Jose Canosa & Coach Ian Cummings

TTT VIXEN DANCE EXERCISE CLASS (women only). In the mood to dance like a Heat dancer and burn 400 - 800 calories in 1 hour session. Join the Tank Top Time ladies of Bootcamp and take a field trip with Coach Michelle Navarro to the Vixen Studios in Wynwood on a pre determined Saturday and shake your tail feather and have tons of fun in the process. Led by Bootcamp Coach Michelle Navarro 

TTT Nutrition Chat by Julie R. - All members are automatically added to this room for great weekly expert tips, advice, and healthy weekly challenges to encourage you to make healthier food choices over time. 

Once again we do quarterly events as our way of saying thanks for being a member and so members can form stronger bonds both on and off the Bootcamp and Run Club fields/Track.

Once again we welcome you to the team and I’m available 24/7/365 (text is best) for anything.

Let’s do this������

To Do List for your First Week:

To do list for your first week:

Once again Welcome aboard. 

1. Send us a pic that you'd like for us to share with the rest of the team members that you got started so we can welcome you aboard within our main team chat room

2. If not already placed in our specialty chat team rooms by one of the coaches, please request admission into any of our specialty team chat rooms that you’d like to be a part of i.e. run club, morning express, gym team, vixen cardio dance, etc

3. Get measured in prior to starting your first session. Please try to arrive at least 10 minutes or more before your session start time. Our Transformation Specialist remeasures all members at the beginning of each quarter. 

4. Download the "Band" app using the link below so that you can be made aware of all upcoming team events, runs, & end of the month spirit week agendas and more. This app is not used for chatting but instead should you be interested in attending or registering or rsvp-Ing for upcoming events (link enclosed) Hey, join our 'operation ttt events' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities!

5. Make sure you have been added to our new Fast Start 30 day Tips/Q&A chat room where you’ll meet all of our coaches and trainers and they’ll provide the best tips and motivation for you to be successful. Feel free to ask questions to all of us or 1-1 at anytime. 

6. Order your Bootcamp uniform shirt which should arrive within 14 business days or less (link attached) and order as many shirts items in our store as you like. Red shirts are for those members that have been with us less than 1 year and black shirts are for members that have been with us 1 year or more. Order a run club shirt if you’d like to join any of our Run Clubs which is a red shirt (use the magnifying glass to hover over the shirt logo to see if it says Run Club or Bootcamp)

7. Get a workout mat you'd want a dark color (black) as we use them regularly at bootcamp to keep you off the grass primarily for our ab sessions.

8. Always bring water to hydrate at each session 

9. gloves are optional (Some members like the ones that cover the entire hand to prevent dirt from getting in your nails or placing hands in the ground from time to time). These gloves can be found in hardware store like Home Depot.

10. Try not to bring valuables or leave in your car but if you must ensure items like purses or book bags are not left in plain view inside your car. 

Relax and take it one step at a time and the key to success here is not how fast you go or how much or little you can lift but instead how consistently you show up each week. Aim for 3 bootcamp days and joining any of our run clubs will fast track your results based on current & past member experiences and results.

Coach Ian Cummings
Owner/Head Certified Personal Trainer/Certified Youth Fitness Instructor/Group Fitness Instructor/Military Veteran
786-413-5235 (text is best)
Operation Triple T, LLC

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We hope to add you to our Transformation page soon ������.

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