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Please complete the registration and waiver forms below.  If you haven't done so already, please visit our Packages/Rates page to select the package that fits your needs.
Download the combined "Consent, Health History Questionnaire, & Goal Setting Forms" attachment to print it out, complete, and either email it back to us at or bring it to your first session.  Please be sure that you thoroughly answer and complete all sections (Forms 1 - 7). 

All consent forms must be completed and reviewed by our management/Trainer Team.  Page 2 is typically completed in person at your first session, however pages 1-7 are optional and you are attending at your own risk should you not fill it out as we like to know what your medical conditions & goals are but are not responsible should you not complete this paperwork and submit it to us.

Please call our office at 786-732-2589, email us at, or text me on my mobile line (786-413-5235) if you have any questions.

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