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Junior Bootcamp

 Sign up Here for children 5 - 9 years old - adult not registered for one of the adult fitness bootcamp sessions. However, Junior bootcamp must be in session for you to use this option.
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 Sign up Here if you or another adult is signing up in the adult section and you are also enrolling someone in the Junior Bootcamp session (ages 4 - 9).  
Children 5 - 9 with registered adult
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When Junior Bootcamp is in session, now children ages 4 - 9 years old can be apart of the fitness bootcamp action and get in shape with fun and safe exercises, games, and activities that will increase their overall fitness level, cardiovascular endurance, and overall health and wellness without even knowing that their exercising.  

Junior Bootcamp is for kids ages 4 -9 years old

Children ages 10 and older will exercise with the adults with specialized exercises based on fitness and strength levels.  Members will be grouped according to both their age and/or fitness abilities.

The best news of all is that while they are working out, you can take part in the adult fitness bootcamp at the same time literally steps away the kids enjoy the junior bootcamp fun zone.  Receive a $10 discount in the Junior bootcamp with a registered adult.

Kids registered in Junior Bootcamp each week can expect to incorporate the same 10 components of fitness as the adults but in a less intense manner designed for fun.  There will also be sports related drills, group fitness games, obstacle courses, challenges, and the like.

10 Components of Fitness:

- Cardiovascular Endurance
- Speed
- Power
- Agility
- Muscular Endurance
- Muscular Strength
- Balance
- Coordination
- Joint Flexibility
- Body Composition

Pricing is as follows

Child 4 - 9 years old -   $40 per month
Child 4 - 9 years old with registered parent in bootcamp - $30 per month

Typically 12 - 15 sessions per month based on sign up date.
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